Dan Carcillo Levels His Own Teammate Jeff Carter (Video)

Dan Carcillo Hits Own Teammate Jeff CarterWith the Chicago Blackhawks taking Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, it was a near given that the Philadelphia Flyers were going to turn up the grit and toughness a notch in Game 2 and try to steal home ice.  Flyers coach Peter Laviolette knew if the Flyers were going to bring the nasty, dressing Dan Carcillo was a must — s0 that’s exactly what he did.

The strategy succeeded in getting the Flyers to play with a little more energy and aggressiveness, but unfortunately, Carcillo’s biggest hit in the game was on his teammate, Jeff Carter.  Carcillo, who was jawing at the Blackhawks’ Tomas Kopecky all game, lined Kopecky up for one of his signature bone crushing body checks, but when it came time for impact he completely whiffed on Kopecky.  In the way was Jeff Carter who got knocked the, you know what, out.  Carcillo didn’t seem phased, as he still stuck out his chest, and started yapping at Kopecky like a neanderthal.  While he was in Kopecky’s face, he made a couple head butt motions, still having no care in the world that he may have just concussed his own teammate.

Of course, Carcillo doesn’t seem to have any comprehension of what’s right or wrong on the ice, as he’s been disciplined by the NHL four times in the past two seasons, and as recently as the end of March.  Jeff Carter isn’t exactly a saint, though, either.  His hit on Anssi Salmela earlier this year is one of the dirtiest hits I’ve seen.  Something tells me this brutal teammate collision was meant specifically for these two.  A match made in woops.

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