Erin Andrews’ Has Some Nasty Feet (Pic)

Erin Andrews Has Some Nasty Feet

Feet are gross, but gorgeous ladies are often the only ones who can possibly have bearable feet.  That’s definitely not the case for Erin Andrews.  She put a picture of her feet on Twitter the other day and I nearly lost my appetite (for her) and unfollowed her immediately upon witnessing them.  Showing us your battle wounds is fine, but keep those things to yourself, EA.

You see, Erin Andrews became addicted to spray tan while being on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and this is the product of dancing for hours on end and spray tanned feet — a whole lot of discoloration.  It looks like she treaded through the shallow end of a lake full of poop.  Sadly, that would probably be more acceptable to me than the remnants of a fake tan peeling off of stinky feet.

We also learn from this photo that her schnoz matches her big toes — those puppies are huge.  She’s lost a lot of ‘hot’ points to me by putting this out there, but at least there’s a certain video that everyone can dig up to make this image go away pretty fast.

Hat Tip – [ErinAndrews]

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