Jared Hess Suffers Knee Dislocation (GIF + Video)

Jared Hess Suffers Knee Dislocation

Jared Hess was literally on his last leg in a UFC battle with Alexander Shlemenko last week.   Around the 3:30 mark of round three, Jared Hess’ knee looked to be dislocated on his way to the mat, but it didn’t become apparent until he was forced to stand up about a minute later.  As he was getting up, his leg was visibly crooked and he was very wobbly.  At that point, the referee finally noticed and stopped the match, awarding Shlemenko the victory.

Give a lot of credit to Jared Hess for acting like this gruesome dislocation was about as painful as a mosquito bite.  He doesn’t act phased at all by the dislocation until he actually has to stand on it, but even then, he wanted to continue the fight and didn’t appear to be in any pain.  I think I was in more pain watching the replay of the dislocation than anything Hess showed.  Watch the GIF at your own risk — it’s not for the faint of heart.  I’ve seen this type of injury in UFC too many times before and once is enough for me.  I think my knee would spontaneously dislocate upon another viewing.

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