Michael Jordan Statue Now Has Nike Skates (Pics)

What kind of hockey player do you think Michael Jordan would have been? He tried baseball and didn’t do very well — to put it kindly. But hockey allows for so much creativity that maybe MJ would have been an amazing goal scorer. We know for sure that if he tried to play hockey he would have taken it very seriously. You know what else the Jordan family takes seriously? The Nike brand.

We showed you how ice skates were put on the statue of Jordan outside of the United Center in Chicago, in celebration of the Blackhawks making it to the Stanley Cup Finals. But there was one problem: those were Reebok skates and everyone and their mom knows that Jordan is the king of all that is Nike. So the change was made. By whom we’re not sure, but rest assured Jordan has Nike skates now.

Maybe Kane, Toews or Niemi will get a statue if the Hawks win the Cup. But you know which Chicagoan won’t get a statue? Drunk wheelchair guy at Wrigley. He’ll just get a toilet to puke over.

Hat Tip Pics – [PuckDaddy]

Michael Jordan Statue Now Has Nike Skates

Michael Jordan Statue Now Has Nike Skates 2

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