Revolution Goalkeeper Preston Burpo Suffers Horrifying Leg Break

Revolution Goalkeeper Preston Burpo Suffers Horrifying Leg Break

Go ahead and scratch off the name of New England Revolution goalkeeper Preston Burpo from your list of possible “Dancing With the Stars” contestants for next season. His leg is all kinds of messed up.

From the video and pics it almost looks as if his leg was a windsock. There’s a good reason for that: both his tibia and fibula are broken. And that has to be a full break. Is it time for some better shin guards in professional soccer? Maybe. But you know what it most definitely is time for? Celebrating the name Preston Burpo. That is pretty awesome. I bet if you asked 100 kids if they’d like to change their name to Preston Burpo, the majority of them would say yes. The rest would hang from a tree by their undies.

At least Burpo got hurt trying to make a play. Kendry Morales hits a grand slam and then broke his leg — by celebrating. But neither one of them can top the fan that partied too much and had to be wheeled out of the stadium.

Get well soon, Burpy!

Hat Tip Video – [DirtyTackle]

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