Ronaldinho Befriends Soccer Invader (Video)

Ronaldinho Befriends Soccer InvaderRonaldinho sure does love his fans.  When AC Milan was playing the Chicago Fire on Sunday, a fan found his way onto the field and up close and personal with the soccer star.  Most players, terrified of what the psycho might do, would probably try their damnedest t0 get away or at least help detain the person.  Ronaldinho, instead, accepted the fan’s loving affection with open arms, which included a kiss on the cheek!

I guess it did help security catch the man, as he was standing still while laying a big wet one on Ronaldinho’s cheek.  As he was being pulled away, Ronaldinho appeared to be distraught and waving goodbye as if it was his own child being carried off to jail.

Of course, Ronaldinho was the only one who was too keen on the fan’s affection.  Security was not gentle with him as they escorted him away from Ronaldinho and a second, larger security officer came rolling into the picture with an unnecessary hit after it already appeared they had control of the detainee.  It honestly looks like that security officer just wanted to get some face time and a nice little cheap shot in to make up for the embarrassment that was the security for allowing the individual to not only get on the field but all the way to Ronaldinho in time for a smooch.

You can believe that security will be a little tighter around those parts, but either way, pretty funny of Ronaldinho to not freak out.  Can you imagine David Beckham being as loving as Ronaldinho with a fan?

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