Chris Pronger Puts Stolen Pucks On Craigslist

For those who haven’t heard about all of the extra-curricular activities going on in the Stanley Cup Final series between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Chicago Blackhawks, here is a quick update.

After losing Games 1 and 2, Flyers defenseman Chris Progner has made it his mission to pick up the game pucks following the final buzzer, preventing the Blackhawks, who had won each of the first two games, from obtaining the souvenirs for themselves.  And in case you are wondering what the point behind this is, teams often retrieve pucks after wins and either reward them to game MVP’s, or begin a team collection of all game-winning pucks.

For the Blackhawks, that was no longer possible thanks to Pronger’s antics.

Following Game 2, reporters asked Pronger what he has been doing with the Hawks game-winning pucks, to which he replied “throwing them in the garbage, where they belong.”

Well apparently they are not in the garbage.  Instead, they can be found on Craigslist.

craigslist pronger pucksFollowing Game 3 last night, the Flyers did get their hands on yet another game puck, but this one will be going to Claude Giroux, who scored the game-winner for Philadelphia in overtime.  As for the pucks from Games 1 and 2?  Something tells me that they are still in the garbage.  After all, I doubt that Pronger would be willing to put his e-mail on Craigslist for all to see.

[email protected]?  I don’t believe it for a second!

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