Home Run Trot Disrupted By Bench-Clearing Brawl

A walk-off home run trot is supposed to be one of the greatest feelings a baseball player can experience, but throughout the Memorial Day weekend they seemed to be more painful than anything.  First it was Kendry Morales sustaining a broken leg after being mobbed by teammates during a walk-off trot against the Seattle Mariners on Saturday.  And the following day it was Engel Beltre of the Texas Rangers class-A affiliate Bakersfield Blaze igniting a bench-clearing brawl during his game-winning jog around the bases.

Playing against the Visalia Rawhide, Beltre sealed the victory with a crushing home run off of pitcher Billy Spottiswood, and then proceeded to taunt each member of the opposition throughout his 35 second trot.  As you would expect, the Rawhide players weren’t having any of it, and after Beltre rounded third the benches cleared and fists began to fly.

With his teammates rushing in to defend him, Beltre did manage to make it to home plate, which is a good thing.  After all, the last thing this game needed was another inning resulting from a disqualified home run.

Hat Tip – [Wezen-ball***They have the home run trot timed at 1 minute 7.47 seconds, but I doesn’t appears as though they realized that Beltre did sneak off to touch home plate once his teammates made their way onto the field in his defense.***

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