Albert Pujols: Baseball’s Nice Guy

Baseballs Nice Guy

The list of jerks throughout pro sports is a lengthy one, and too often we read about them instead of the good guys in sports. But today we have a nice story about one of baseball’s nice guys, slugging St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols.

Pujols recently hit his 14th homerun of the season against the Milwaukee Brewers. But unfortunately for one young fan, that same ball also nailed him in the chest. The kid burst into tears from the pain. Back in the clubhouse Pujols saw the replay and that the kid was hurt badly enough to cry. So what did Pujols do? Sent over an autographed bat to the kid. Innings later the kid was shown to be very, very happy. Nice job, Albert.

But riddle me this: would he have done that for a fan at Wrigley Field against the hated Cubs? Hah! Then again, Cubs fans would probably throw the bat right back at him.

Those baseball fans can be nuts. Some of them let their kids swill beer in the stands. Some of them are eating reporter’s pork chops. Just watch the game, ok?

Hat Tip – [RiverfrontTimes]

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