Josh Cribbs Signs the LeBron James ‘Witness’ Mobile (Video)

Josh Cribbs Signs the LeBron JamesCleveland’s second biggest athlete, Josh Cribbs of the Cleveland Browns, officially made his pitch for LeBron James to stay and re-sign with the Cavaliers. Cribbs is seen first in this video saying, “You da king, you da king, baby boy. Stay here,” before signing a specially-made LeBron Mobile that is serving as the petition to keep LeBron in Cleveland.  The car has “Witness” and “” plastered all lover it, amongst a number of signatures from regular citizens and celebrities of the city.

I actually like the idea of the car, because it’s somewhat original. I think the idea of getting a happy-looking Josh Cribbs to make a public pitch is an even better idea, because it shows other athletes/his friends are happy in Cleveland — as much as they are probably lying.

Even if you think the car idea is dumb, it’s still way better than having a bunch of no-name Clevelanders singing an atrocious song for LeBron or tickets for life to random concerts LeBron definitely doesn’t want to go to. If I had to guess, I’d say the song is more likely to make LBJ run like hell in the other direction.  “But wait! We have a car signed by Josh Cribbs,” might just get him to turn around and listen to all the monies he’s going to be offered.

Hat Tip – [Black Sports Online]

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