Mexican Wrestler Punches Grabby Fan (Video)

Mexican Wrestler Punches Grabby FanIs this fan a n00b? Everyone knows you don’t go around trying to unmask pro wrestlers. That can be very dangerous…as this old man found out.

How about the bravery of the guy in the hat? He waits until the masked wrestler is back in the ring before he throws a few “punches” out there. That was so weak that the wrestler should have hopped back out of the ring and slapped that guy in the face a few times.

How about that security? They were right there in the nick…of…time. Wait? Was there even security? Maybe because it was tag team they figured they didn’t need any security? Who knows? But it doesn’t look like a high caliber of fake wrestling anyway. It’s not like these guys were pulling off the greatest move in wrestling history. It was more of the standard fare: off the ropes, elbows, punching fans in the face. At least these guys made it into the ring. There’s nothing worse than a wrestling entrance fail.

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