Pete Rose’s Corked Bat?

Pete Rose Corked Bat

Is this an x-ray of a corked bat once used by the great Pete Rose? According to Deadspin it is “a Mizuno PR4192 bat, commissioned by Pete Rose specifically for his 1985 chase of baseball’s all-time hits record.”

As you know, corking your bat in baseball is highly illegal, per rule 6.06(d), so this could cast a huge cloud over Pete Rose’s hits record. That is, if there wasn’t already intense cloud coverage.

In 2001, Rose was accused by a former friend that he regularly corked his bats during the record breaking season and his lifetime ban from baseball doesn’t exactly paint him in a positive light for anything he’s ever accomplished. It appears this evidence is pretty conclusive, no matter what the pathological lying Rose might say.

But how this really changes anything for Pete Rose’s “legacy,” there’s no telling. His ban from baseball wasn’t going to be lifted anytime soon, and he’s always been known as the player who would do whatever it took to succeed.  After all, he’s not nicknamed “Charlie Hustle” for nothing.

If this means anything, it’s that Bud Selig can just keep him banned for “gambling” and never have to address the issue of corked bats, which has been rumored to be as big of a problem in baseball as steroids — even if corked bats don’t actually help the hitter that  much, if at all.

Hat Tip Image – [DeadSpin]

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