Scariest Halloween Mask Ever?

Khloe Kardashian mask

First it was the mask of Friday The 13th villain Jason Voorhees that was a best seller every October.  Then it was the ghostly mask featured on the movie Scream being used to terrorize children during Halloween.  This time around, don’t be surprised to see these Khloe Kardashian masks flying off shelves as October 31st approaches.

A Boston-based website by the name of distributed 5000 of these masks to Celtics fans at the TD Garden prior to Game 3 Tuesday night, and judging by their poor shooting performance that led to a 91-84 victory for the Lakers, it may be safe to assume that the masks had a frightening effect on the Celtic shooters.  How else do you explain Ray Allen’s 0-for-13 disaster.  Oddly enough, he was only one miss away from tying an NBA Finals futility record, one game after posting a record for most three-pointers in a Finals game.

Paul Pierce can only hope that this series will be headed back to Cali.

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