The Stat Line of the Night — 6/8/10 — Stephen Strasburg

stephen strasburgIt’s being called the most hyped Major League debut by many people in and around baseball.  Just take a look for yourself, however.  Stephen Strasburg’s minor league games have been televised and every stat of his has been analyzed on ESPN and other national media outlets.  When it was announced that he would be making his major league debut, the tickets for the game sold out in 20 minutes.  Sportscenter showed live updates in real-time of the game.  But with all the hoopla, could the kid drafted first overall last year live up to the hype?  Oh yeah, he could.

Pitching in his first major league game, Strasburg looked dominant from start to finish with one small hiccup in the 4th inning which he was able to overcome.  The young phenom went 7 innings and gave up just 4 hits and no walks in leading his team to a 5-2 victory.  The most impressive thing about his night was that out of the 21 outs he got, 14 of those came on the strikeout.  14 strikeouts in a major league debut bodes very well for this young man’s career.

The Nationals have actually played some decent baseball and the infusion of this kid’s skill and the excitement he brings may help propel them above .500 and into the playoffs.  His future looks bright and there may be some Cy Young awards down the road, but for today, he can hang his hat on “The Stat Line of the Night”.

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