Weightlifter Attempting To Squat 1008 lbs. Projectile Vomits On Judge Before Passing Out

Barbell with 1008 pounds of weight attached?  Check!  Hard rock-n-roll music playing in the background?  Check!  Team of five spotters standing by?  Check!  Breathing?……Yeah, I though he forgot something.

This 21-year-old was preparing to assert himself among the top powerlifters at the Sr. Nationals in Chicago when he forgot one simple and incredibly important rule; breathe!  As a result, he would perform his best impression of a vomiting sprinkler, much to the chagrin of the judge seated directly in front of him.

Thankfully he had more than enough support present when he passed out while still holding the bar on his shoulders.  Andrew Malanichev could have used the same type of support one week earlier at the Russian Cup of Titans.

Hat Tip- [Windy Citizen]

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