Does This Cruel Girlfriend Deserve To Be Dumped? (Video)

cruel gf prankIt is Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals and your Philadelphia Flyers are in a do-or-die situation, down 3-2 in the series and trailing by a goal in the third period.  You are already quite impatient and clinging to the edge of your seat when suddenly, and unexpectedly, the television turns off.

It just doesn’t make sense!  You didn’t touch the converter and the television didn’t unplug itself!  You turn it back on, but a few minutes later it shuts off again!  Could anything be more frustrating?  How could this be happening?  Is there anything that you have not yet accounted for?

Yes!!!   Your inconsiderate jerk of a girlfriend who keeps on using the other converter to play a prank on you and shut off the television from another room!  Reason enough to dump the b*tch?  I’d say so!

A game like that (3-3 tie in Game 6 that needed to be decided in overtime) only comes around once a year…if you are lucky!  I’m sure if your boyfriend played such a cruel prank on you during the season finale of The Hills, you’d ball your eyes out before calling everyone on your contact list, asking them if they know how to work a television.

Have some respect and let your man watch his game in peace!

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