South African Prisoners Get World Cup Fever

They may not get to watch the games of the 2010 World Cup, but that has not stopped prisoners in a South African jail from catching soccer fever.

For one day, murderers, robbers, and others indicted for violent crimes were given the opportunity to strap on the cleats and their country’s colors in a friendly match against some beer-bellied Englishmen.  Seems like the perfect recipe for a brawl.

Despite the mix of stereotypically violent individuals, the game was played without incident and ended in a 2-2 draw.

“All of these men are being convicted of violent crimes…”

Does anyone else find this to be particularly odd, considering the fact that they even allowed the players to walk out of the tunnel and onto the field accompanied by a child?  Did they really have to go that far in replicating a real World Cup match?

Props to reporter Robyn Curnow for remaining so calm while acknowledging that she is sitting with a bunch of men who have histories of assault and murder.  Heck, she even reminds one of the inmates that he is in there for the latter.  That’s the type of move that will get you shanked within the gates of most prisons.

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