Vince Young Involved In Fight At Dallas Strip Club (w/Video)

vince yong strip club fight

If you mess with a former member of the University of Texas football team, expect to get the horns.  That was the message Vince Young was sending early Sunday morning at a Dallas Strip Club.

A surveillance video at Club Onyx shows Young (in a white shirt) arguing with a man.  After exchanging words, the man flashes an upside down Longhorns sign, causing the Titans’ quarterback to attack.  A brawl suddenly ensues between several individuals, with some attempting to break up the fight.

Young escaped the scene before authorities had arrived, but was issued a Class C assault citation following an investigation.  The misdemeanor charge is punishable by a fine up to $500.  I’m pretty sure I saw Young spend more than that while making it rain at Bar RIO.

Something tells me it will not be much longer before we see members of the Tennessee Titans banned from strip clubs across America.

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