Bugatti Veyron Toy Costs More Than Real Car

Bugatti Veyron Toy Costs More Than Real Car

You know how some parents dramatically present their newly 16-year-old kids a toy car to tease them and basically cement their places in history as a pair of the douchiest parentals? It’s usually a dirty trick pulled by the parents who truly can’t afford to buy their kid a car. Of course, the parents think they’re being funny, but in reality they’re just being extremely cruel to an aspiring car owner.  Meanwhile, really rich parents who can afford it usually just give-in and buy their kids a brand new car because there’s no hiding the money growing on the backyard trees.

Well, now, rich parents can inflict similar emotional distress on their kids as the parents who can’t afford brand new cars, and even way before the kids are old enough to get a new car.


A real Bugatti Veyron is worth $1.7 million. That seems like a lot, but that’s nothing compared to what the toy costs — what some kids might try to ask their very rich parents for as a birthday present.

The solid-gold, diamond-accented, 1/18th-scale Bugatti Veyron built by Robert Gulpen and Stuart Hughes is worth $2.93 million. There are three of them in stock. So when a kid asks for the toy car, just present them with a real one and they’ll be equally disappointed as the 16-year-old who receives some cereal box toy car.

Wasteful consumerism or an extremely, extremely rich parent’s new practical joke? Of course, if this is way out of the price range, and I think it might be the case, a parent can never go wrong in inflicting emotional distress to a child by splurging on some black Matt Leinart figurines.

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