Free Diver Free Falls into Blue Hole (Video)

Free Diver Free Falls into Blue Hole

I’m not sure how far underwater one can go before his or her head explodes (I think 1,000 feet), but this free diving world champ doesn’t seem to mind flirting with death.

World famous French free-diver Guillaume Nery decided to take on the task of free diving into the Blue Hole in the Bahamas, which is about 700 feet deep. He and his girlfriend, Julie Gautier, also a French diving champion  video taped the dive and then turned it into an emo-like video for fans enjoyment. I’m not a big free diving, or diving fan in general, but I was thoroughly entertained by this video — I’ve watched it three times.

If you’re wondering how the dude can stand underwater and then dive even deeper like he’s on a cliff outside of the water, it’s because his suit is weighted.  Admittedly, I did not know this before reading up on it — I just thought he had some superhuman, fish-like powers.

Nery confirmed rumors that he did not go to the very bottom of the hole, which as I said goes almost 700 feet deep. It doesn’t say how deep he actually went, but for a filmed endeavor I’m guessing he erred a little on the safe side. A head exploding on video due to the pressure of the depths of the sea would be a little much to take.

Nery is currently in the Bahamas for a competition. He holds the world record for free-diving without the luxury of wearing fins, which is 370 feet.  I couldn’t confirm before publishing if his favorite musical song was by Tom Petty.

Hat Tip Video – [AquaViews]

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