Mexican Bullfighter Sees Bull, Runs Away, Gets Arrested (Video)

You’re a young stud in Mexico. You have seen bullfighting on TV your whole life. You think to yourself, “I can do that.” You decide to go the way of the warrior and become a matador. The day comes and you put on your fancy suit and grab the red cape. You enter the arena. The gate is opened, you see the bull…then this happens.

This kid, Christian Hernandez, had actually fought in the ring before. But here is the kicker to the entire story. This kid was not only laughed at by the crowd — and now the entire world thanks to us — but he was actually arrested for breaking his contract! They take this bullfighting pretty seriously.

The now former matador was released after paying a fine. The back story is that some months ago, another bull gored Hernandez in his leg. Upon trying again, he realized that he couldn’t do it anymore. Hernandez said, “I didn’t have the ability, I didn’t have the balls, this is not my thing.” Well at least he is leaving with the ring with his balls. He didn’t want something like this to happen again. Or this. Man, dude made a good call. Right?

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