Patrick Kane & Jonathan Toews Take the Stanley Cup Clubbing

Patrick Kane Take the Stanley Cup Clubbing

TMZ Sports is really killing it lately with the behind the scenes coverage and asking all the tough questions. A couple weeks ago they caught Tiger Woods buying gum. Thrilling! Now, they have Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews walking into a Hollywood club with the Stanley Cup. Gasp! I guess you’ll get some of the bad mixed with the good — Jared Allen trying to fight somebody in a bar for calling his girlfriend the c-word, for example.

All was not completely anticlimactic, though. TMZ did ask Patrick Kane, who is quickly becoming a media favorite, if he was going to score with a lot of chicks since he was bringing the Cup inside the club. As if that’s not a rhetorical question, Kane humored the TMZ reporter anyway by responding, “I better.”  Yeah, Patrick Kane better because the Stanley Cup has to be the easiest thing next to a roofie to get a chick to sleep with you.

At the end of the clip, TMZ asks some random girl if she thinks Kane will get “vagina” because he brought the Holy Grail to the club. She says she thinks so, but Kane beat her team (assuming that’s the Vancouver Canucks because she said she’s from Canada). Hey random girl, TMZ wasn’t asking if you’d hook up with him (and don’t kid yourself, you would), he was asking if other girls would.

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