Does This Look Like The Face Of A Tiger Woods Love Child?

tiger's love child

Pornstar Devon James was not the first woman to come out and claim and affair with Tiger Woods, and she is not the first to come out and claim to have given birth to a child of his either (that honor belongs to Theresa Rogers).

Her initial story involved a threesome between herself, Tiger and a friend, in which Woods paid the two women $2000 for what she described as “dirty” sex.  Now Devon has stated that the threesome was not the first time she had bedded Tiger.  According to her story, the two had met back in 2000, when she was 19-years-old and attending a Christian school program.  A relationship developed from there and soon after she became pregnant with Tiger’s child, but did not mention anything to him.

Devon has also claimed that following their threesome she showed Tiger pictures of Austin T. James (his middle initial is a tribute to Tiger), and told him that the child was his.  Woods did not want to meet the boy, but did send gifts for the child.

The credibility of this story is remains in question.  A DNA test was never conducted in order to determine the child’s biological father, but Devon has stated that she is sure Tiger is the father because he was the only African-American man she dated at the time.  However, James’ mother, Sandra Brinling, will have you believing otherwise.

James’ mother, Sandra Brinling, said yesterday that her daughter is a “pathological liar” and that she knows exactly who Austin T.’s real dad is.”[My daughter is] only out to lie, steal and cheat,” said Brinling, who has custody of the child. “All she is looking for is to get money from [Woods].” [NY Daily News]

So now the question we are all left asking is “Whose story should we believe?”  It is tough to trust Devon when even her mother is telling us not too, but damn that kid looks like a mini-Tiger Woods.  This is way too tough to call.  I guess there is only one man who can provide us with an answer.  Someone get Maury Povich on the phone.

Hat Tip – [NY Daily News]

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