Mark Cavendish’s Careless Riding Causes Giant Crash At Tour de Suisse

With dozens of riders sprinting to the finish line at the end of the fourth stage of the Tour de Suisse on Tuesday, HTC-Columbia rider Mark Cavendish was looking to make his final push, but his reckless abandon would result in a devastating crash rather than a victory.

Only about a dozen or so meters away form the finish line, Cavendish and Heinrich Haussler were attempting to pull away when the two riders collided in the middle of the road, causing both to take painful tumbles, and taking down several other trailing riders in the process.

Race organizers handed out a 30-second penalty, 25 points deduction, and 200 Swiss francs fine to Cavendish, who has since pulled out of the Tour.  Four other riders, including Haussler, were forced to retire from the tour as well due to injuries sustained in the crash.  The field of riders staged a two-minute protest against Cavendish prior to the fifth stage of the Tour, but not even that could get the Brit to admit he was entirely at fault.

“I’m not going to say that I’m not at fault but I don’t think I should have been held as the sole person responsible,” [Telegraph]

Something tells me that this feud is only going to get even more interesting with the Tour de France just two weeks away.

And so once again, we are all reminded that no matter how close you are to the finish line, you are never too close to take a spill.

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