Rate This World Cup Dive (Video)

Nigeria held a 1-0 lead and were dominating the run of play thirty minutes into their match with Greece yesterday afternoon at the Free State Stadium in Bloemfontein, South Africa.  Then with one swift kick of the boot, the tables turned on the African side.

Chasing down a ball that was headed out of bounds, Nigerian midfielder Sani Kaita got tangled up with Greek defender Vasilis Torosidis. Unhappy with being shoved, Kaita attempted to kick Torosidis, earning himself a straight red card in the process.  Greece would score the tying goal moments later and buried the winner against 10-man Nigeria midway through the second half.

First things first.  It doesn’t get any dumber than Kaita’s decision to retaliate to a gentle push by kicking an opponent.  His red card not only cost his team a much needed victory, but also dealt a serious blow to their hopes of advancing to the knockout stage.  Something tells me he may want to be extra cautions upon his return home to Nigeria.

As for Torosidis, the Greek trainers may want to check his body for bullet wounds.  The only thing more embarrassing than Kaita’s lack of discipline is Torosidis’ lack of respect for the game.  Dives like that belong in the swimming pool, not on the pitch.

And in case you were wondering what it looked like in Lego World, here it is.

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