Ron Artest: I Want To Thank My Psychiatrist

When it came down to crunch time in Game 7 of the NBA Championship Finals, Ron Artest was a key factor in the Los Angeles Lakers’ 83-79 victory over the Boston Celtics.  His clutch three-pointer late in the game pretty much sealed his team’s fate, and perhaps the only moment more memorable than that shot will be his post-game interview.

Rather than simply go down the list of the usual ‘thank you’ recipients, which often includes the likes of God, Jesus and the fans, Artest deviated from the norm and gave a special shout-out to Dr. Sandy, his psychiatrist.

Two years ago when these two teams met in the finals, it was Kevin Garnett giving his memorable “Anything Is Possible” speech.  Give me a break!  The Celtics were the NBA’s top team that year and had three of the league’s top players in their starting line-up.  What was so “impossible” about winning with that team?

This year the Lakers not only beat the Celtics on the court, but thanks to Ron Artest, they beat them on the sound bites as well.

Hat Tip – [The Huffington Post]

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