The Stat Line of the Night – 6/17/10 – Ron Artest

ron artestRon Artest thanked pretty much everyone he knows in his post-game interview, including his psychiatrist. He had reason to be so giddy and excited — he just won his first NBA championship and he was the player of the game.

Artest kept the Lakers in the game when Kobe and Pau Gasol were ice cold from the field. He started off with his killer defense — poking away passes, grabbing steals and shutting down the Celtics. Then Artest started lighting it up on the offensive side of the ball.

Artest played a game-high 46 minutes. He scored 20 points, added 5 rebounds, an assist and 5 huge steals. He disrupted the Celtics offense all night long. And most importantly, Artest kept his cool when he got tied up with Paul Pierce under the Celtics basket. Pierce tried to get Artest to flip his lid, but Ron-Ron kept it together.

Ron Artest — NBA World Champion — has The Stat Line of the Night for 6/17/10.

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