Vuvuzelas Not Welcome In Yankee Stadium

IMG_3006.JPGThey couldn’t silence the sounds of the obnoxious vuvuzelas within South African stadiums, but at Yankee Stadium they were able to kill the buzz before it could even begin.

Earlier this year, 27-year-old Anthony Zachariadis bought several vuvuzelas for a reasonable price of $6 each on a soccer website.  His initial intention was to use them at the World Cup, but when his plans to travel to South Africa fell through, he was left with a bunch of horns, and nowhere to use them.

With that we take you to Tuesday night at Yankee Stadium, where Zachariadis decided that if he couldn’t use his vuvuzelas at a soccer match, why not try them out at the ball park?

“I hid them in my shorts to get into the stadium, and when I pulled out the horns, the whole place went nuts,” he said.

“Phillies fans would walk by and we would blow it in their ear,” he said. “They had a laugh — they knew we were playing with them.” [NY Post]

Unfortunately, the fun and games were put to an end in the bottom of the fifth inning after a Mark Teixeira home run.  With Zachariadis tooting his horn excessively in celebration, he was asked to turn it over to stadium security, or leave the game.

With the Yankees leading by a score of 6-3 at that point, Zachariadis opted to exit the premises, horn in hand.

“I have been tossed from that place hundreds of times. Many times I even deserved it,” he said. “But this was ridiculous.”

Ridiculous indeed.  Just about as ridiculous as the sound of those stupid horns.

Hat Tip – [NY Post]

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