Kobe Bryant, ‘The Kloser’ (Video)

Kobe BryantVitamin Water has produced some quality commercials (see Steve Nash, David Ortiz, Brian Urlacher, and my favorite the one with David Wright and  ‘The Situation’). This one with Los Angeles Lakers star guard, Kobe Bryant, is no different — it makes me want to drink their product.

Kobe has been coined ‘the kloser’ for his uncanny ability to close out basketball games. He’s won so many games with late-game heroics that you might need three hands to count how many times he’s done just that, as the commercial certainly suggests. Surrounding that suggestion, Kobe goes through a list of other things that have been effectively “klosed.” Kobe knows when something’s been ‘klosed’ because he’s ‘the kloser.’ And yes, Kobe has revolutionized the way we spell ‘closer.’

I’m a little disappointed that the commercial isn’t longer, though. It could carry on and be so annoyingly long that it could possibly still work. Besides, there’s more that Vitamin Water and Kobe should add on to the list of ‘klosed’ items. For example, Kobe’s rape case – klosed. Game 7 of the NBA Championship – klosed. Ron Artest’s post-game interview – klosed. Kobe’s fifth ring – klosed. Rasheed Wallace’s career – klosed. ESPN Zones – klosed. Hunny, you think KFC is still open? No, Frank. Klosed.

This post. Klosed.

Hat Tip – [BallDon’tLie]

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