Does Tim Tebow Make The Broncos Florida’s New Team?

broncogatorThere should be no questioning the love affair that Florida natives developed for Tim Tebow during his time in Gainesville, but with the quarterback having moved on from his college days to the NFL’s Denver Broncos, it looks as though the people of Florida are following not too far behind.

Leading this group of followers is Ed Marlow, who developed the idea of “BroncoGator” shortly after Denver used their 25th selection in the first round of the draft on Tebow.

“It was right after the 25th selection in the first round. A friend and I were talking and said, ‘Well, alright. Now we’re Broncos fans,’ ” Marlow said. “That was the inception. Right at that moment. Like 90 seconds after the pick.” [ESPN]

Looking to bring together Tebow’s past and present, Marlow collaborated with a friend, Nick Roehrick, to create a symbol that said Broncos and Gators all in one.  A few sketches later and the two had developed what has now become somewhat of a craze for Tebow fans everywhere.  What was intended to be just a few shirts and hats to share amongst friends has developed into a website, a facebook fan page, and a plethora of orders for t-shirts and hats emblazoned with the BroncoGator crest.

“We’re struggling, playing catch-up,” Marlow said. “We were prepared for a number of orders, but it’s just really been exploding.”

Should the Tim Tebow experiment become a success in Denver, the game of “catch up” will only become that much more difficult for Marlow and BroncoGator.

Hat Tip -[ESPN]

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