Hyundai Creates The World’s Largest Vuvuzela…a.k.a. World’s Biggest Nuisance

world's larest vuvuzela

Does it get any more annoying that the sound of thousands of vuvuzelas buzzing throughout the entirety of a soccer match?  Yes, it does, thanks to Hyundai and their creation of the world’s largest vuvuzela.

The sound of this 114-foot giant horn could likely be heard within a 3 mile radius , subjecting all of those within its vicinity to the dreaded sound that has haunted the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.  Now even those who refuse to watch a game because of the obnoxious vuvuzelas can not escape its deafening roar.

And suddenly this guy’s hat doesn’t seem all that annoying.

Hat Tip – [Jalopnik]

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