Luis Suarez’s “Leap Of Faith” Goal Celebration (Video)

Luis SuarezWhen it comes to goal celebrations at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, this weekend was not a friendly one for cameramen.  While most have been talking about Gabriel Heinze’s reaction to a rather painful close-up following Argentina’s second goal during Sunday’s round of 16 match against Mexico, Luis Suarez’s “leap of faith” celebration has gone somewhat unnoticed…until now.

Following the Uruguayan striker’s cheeky second goal in the 80th minute which put his side ahead 2-1, Suarez  ran in circles before making his way behind the South Korean goal, where he would leap up and over the advertisements with the help of a cameraman’s head (15 second mark).

The goal was an important one as it sent Uruguay through to the quarterfinals, where they will take on Ghana.  The precision of Suarez’s shot and his ability to create space for himself in the box will have many labeling this as the “goal of the tournament.”

As for “celebration of the tournament”, don’t expect Suarez to be getting any love from the men working the cameras.

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