Cute Girl Faceplants Off Bike And Into Creek (Video)

Cute Girl Faceplants Off Bike And Into CreekWhen I was growing up, I used to take my Schwinn over hundreds of makeshift ramps, hills, and bridges. It was absolutely exhilarating to finish any of the said runs successfully, but I’ve certainly had my fair share of bumps and bruises along the way.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I ever tried to go over a bridge as narrow as this one, over an equally shallow body of water, while having it video taped. Good things happen you whip out the video camera and try dangerous stuff. I’ve seen the “Jackass” movies.

Sure enough, the chick lasts on her bike for only a split second as she tries to make it over the thin bridge. She eats it hard. She flies over her handle bars and lands on her shoulder before falling into the little creek. It was painful just to watch the nasty spill, but the chick was tough about it, letting out a measly, “oh dang,” in response. Maybe I just have a low tolerance for pain.

My guess, though, is that they didn’t try to ride that bridge again and, instead, took the gliding over the water approach to get the bike to the other side. Or, you know, they simply walked it over.

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