German Coach Picks Nose, Eats It

Man, the World Cup is mega-stressful.  How stressful?  So stressful that it makes you do this:

Really?  A World Cup soccer coach picking his nose in front of millions of people and eating his boogers?  Red card for not sharing tasty snacks with the rest of the players and crowd!

The coach is Germany’s most nervous citizen, Joachim Löw.  Interesting that Löw also likes to rub his armpits and then give them a sniff. OK, not interesting, just really gross.  What else does this guy do at home that he might break out at a soccer match?  Wait — don’t even answer that.

Soccer is all about spectacular goals and awesome celebrations.  It’s about the super-hot fans that love the game.  It is not about pit-rubbing and smelling and nose-picking and eating, mm-kay?

Germany will take on Argentina at Green Point Stadium in Cape Town on Saturday.  For those of you attending, bring a pack of gum or some hard candy and throw it to Löw.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]