MMA Fighter Dies After First Pro Bout

MMA fighter diesExtremely sad news from the world of Mixed Martial Arts.  Michael Kirkham, a 30-year old MMA fighter from South Carolina, died after injuries suffered in his first professional match.

Kirkham was listed as 6’9″ and his nickname was “Tree”.  He is also listed as fighting as a lightweight, though at his height that would be rather unusual.  Kirkham fought in Aiken, South Carolina at an event titled “Confrontation at the Convocation Center” last Saturday.  Kirkham was knocked out in the fight and did not regain consciousness.  He remained in that state and was pronounced dead at nearby Aiken Regional Medical Center on Monday.

Tim Carlton, the, Aiken County Coroner told the Associated Press that Kirkham died from bleeding inside the brain.  An autopsy is scheduled to be conducted on Tuesday.

Kirkham held a 3-3 mark as an amateur and fought out of the Fayetteville Independents camp in Fayetteville, N.C.

The brutality and dangers of competing in MMA are well-documented.  Sanctioning bodies need to make sure they are matching up fighters correctly.

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