Vuvuzela vs. Dog (Video)

VUVUZELAI’m not sure if I should write a post on this or call PETA. This dog owner maliciously plays a vuvuzela to purposely get a rise out of their terrified, and very pissed off, dog. Animal cruelty, dick-head owners, or both?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, a vuvuzela is that obnoxious horn or foreign whistle or whatever you want to call it that people blow at the World Cup. It’s that constant buzz (kill) you’re hearing on your television whenever/if you watch the soccer games. I know several people who don’t watch solely because of the noise.

Anyway, the vuvuzela meme has taken off on the internet, so this YouTube video seemed like a good idea at the time for some views, but the dog acquiring the last laugh is actually what makes the video worthwhile. After having enough of said DB owner playing that stupid noise maker, the dog finally decides to stick it to the man by popping a squat on their nice, new-looking carpet. Good doggy.

I fully expect the next YouTube video to trump this one by including an impatient, irritable man. He will slowly lose his mind on camera as the vuvuzela constantly buzzes and then he will ultimately end the misery by jumping off a cliff. What, that’s not funny?

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