Ashley Cole Plays For England, Hates England


Ashley Cole was one of four players chosen to lead the back line of England’s defense going into the 2010 World Cup, and although it is the dream of most English footballers to represent their country on the world stage, Cole’s feeling regarding his country are not all that patriotic, to say the least.

Just hours before boarding a flight to Austria for the team’s pre-World Cup training camp, Ashley Cole shared the following message with friends through his Blackberry (it was posted as his BBM status):

“I hate england and the f*%king people!”

If that is the case, it appears as though Cole and the rest of his English teammates treated their country’s people to the perfect punishment: A 4-1 loss in their round of 16 match against Germany.

When questioned about the incident, Cole stated “I always try my hardest for England and Chelsea but the intrusion and pressure I feel is making my life hell.”

A beautiful ex-wife (whom he repeatedly cheated on), a current stripper girlfriend, and several other women throwing themselves at you as you make millions of dollars playing the sport you love.  That sure doesn’t sound like hell to me!

Hat Tip – [The Sun]

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