Devils Fan Busted By FBI For Being a Russian Spy

Devils Fan Busted By FBI For Being a Russian SpyIt makes perfect sense that a fraudulent character would be a fan of the Devils. That’s the New Jersey Devils, and the perp just got busted for being a Russian spy.

His name is Mikhail Semenko and he is a 28-year-old Seton Hall graduate who loves the New Jersey Devils, Ilya Kovalchuk and trying to become a Russian spy. The FBI nailed him during a sting operation which recorded this phone call:

“Could we have met in Beijing in 2004?” asked an undercover FBI agent, that was posing as a member of the Russian government.

“Yes. We might have, but I believe it was in Harbin,” said Semenko. That was the response that gave him away as a spy and led to a meeting on a Washington, D.C., street corner last Saturday night between Semenko and the FBI. An undercover agent passed him 5k in cash wrapped in newspaper, along with a map showing where to hide it in a park for a different spy. Ballgame.

Semenko was busted in what the FBI says is one of the largest espionage takedowns in recent U.S. history. No word if he was also behind the flag football cheating scandal, or if he is on the run disguised as this guy.

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