Tiger’s Divorce Finalized, Elin To Receive $750 Million

tiger woods elin nordegrenFor those of you still feeling sorry for Elin Nordegren, soon to be former wife of Tiger Woods, you can stop crying for her now that she is set to become one of the wealthiest unemployed women around.  Reports have indicated that the divorce papers have been signed, sealed and delivered, and Tiger’s bank account is about to become $750 million USD lighter.  That’s right!  Seven hundred fifty million!

Did I miss something here?  Was Elin’s presence responsible for Tiger’s fourteen major victories and millions of dollars in endorsement deals?  One thing is for sure.  That is by far the most amount of money that Tiger has had to pay any women he has slept with.  That’s $750 million which could have been spent on the finest of hookers, rather than on a marriage that went sour.

Hat Tip – [NBC Sports]