Chicago To LeBron: We Dare You To Play For Us

chicago dares lebron

Several of the NBA’s teams are doing whatever they can to get this year’s most coveted free agent, LeBron James, to sign with them.  But while the likes of Cleveland, New York and New Jersey are using celebrities in an attempt to lure King James to their city, the Bull have taken somewhat of a different approach towards the LeBron sweepstakes.

When the clock struck 12:01 am ET on Thursday morning, James became a free agent for the first time in his NBA career.  And to welcome him to the wonderful world of free agency, the Chicago-based Leo Burnett Worldwide ad agency had a special package delivered to LeBron’s front doorstep.

“LeBron, the fans of Chicago have a question for you,” reads the two-page ad that ran in Thursday’s Akron Beacon Journal, James’ hometown paper. “Can you cast a shadow this big?”

The image is of an outline that looks a lot like Michael Jordan’s, in the iconic, ball-in-one-hand pose, spread out over the Chicago cityscape. Dreamed up by sports-loving ad guys at the city’s Leo Burnett agency and paid for by Burnett, it was the culmination of a four-day campaign featuring a fresh challenge each day. […]

So Monday, they sent to his house the classic red, white and black Air Jordans and asked if he could fill those shoes. Tuesday it was a case featuring seven empty ring boxes, representing one more championship than Jordan won here, and the question, “Can you fill these boxes?”

Wednesday was a mock-up of a Chicago Tribune 10 years hence – still going strong, by the way – and the headline “Sweet Throne, Chicago: With Title No. 7, It’s Officially King James’ Court.” [Chicago Tribune]

Now the people of Chicago must wait to see how King James will respond to such a challenge.

Hat Tip – [Ball Don’t Lie]

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