Angels Fans Brawl in the Stands (Video)

With World Cup fever spreading across the globe, America’s baseball fans are doing their best to earn the title of fans that fight the most. Soccer definitely has the belt when it comes to riots, but baseball fans are brawling more and more in the stands. We take you now to Los Angeles for a mismatch in weight classes, but still a solid battle.

I was mostly happy that the humongous fat dude that was putting his shirt on didn’t have his huge belly in the camera shot. And why exactly was the security team just standing around and watching? Maybe they were laughing too hard when the little dude started to give noogies to the top of the big dude’s head. I’ll tell you one thing: if a very large man is approaching me, I’m not throwing a beer at him. I’m offering it to him.

I’d like to see this cell-phone using moron get beat up, even if he already got a ball to the face. Maybe he could be beat up with one of these!

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