Canadian Football Fans Like Cup Stacking (Video)

How utterly boring is Canadian football? This is how boring it is– they don’t even fight in the stands, they stack cups together like it’s clean up time at a preschool.

Do these people need a Doug Flutie Appreciation Night or what? They need something, that’s for sure.  Or maybe the game needs something.  This looks to be at a Winnipeg Blue Bombers game, appropriate I guess because most of these people are surely bombed.  Maybe Canada has gone all green and they were just helping the clean-up crew and getting some recycling done.

So CFL fans stack cups.  World Cup fans blow on these ridiculous, annoying things.  But — they have fans that look like this.  I’d say that the CFL needs some better fan promotions. Like stack 1000 cups and get a ticket to a real football game.  Just kidding. Go Edmonton Eskimos!  That’s a team, right?

Hat Tip Video – [DeadSpin]

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