Kyle Kane is the World’s Strongest Boy

Kyle Kane is the World's Strongest BoyMeet Kyle Kane, also known as “Little Arnie”. He is the world’s strongest boy.

Ha! We won’t be fooled again.  We want a full blood workup, a urine analysis and written notes from several different doctors before this can be considered legit.  Probably just another kid on roids.  Totally joking.  Or am I?

His father is a former professional bodybuilder and says that, “I give it a year and Kyle will have beaten my best. His strength for his age is just phenomenal.” Well yeah, it is, but if he’s going to pass you in just a year, I don’t think you were that good at bodybuilding. Kyle can lift 600 lbs. with his legs and bench-press 200 lbs. 200 is impressive for a kid, but for an adult? C’mon dad. Are you telling tales?

I’d like to think this is all on the up and up. But nothing is real anymore.  There are World Cups made from Cocaine. Hockey fans that are really Russian spies.  It’s all too confusing. Eh, good luck kid. We’ll look for you in lame action films in the near future.

Hat Tip – [DailyMail]

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