Spain’s Sergio Ramos Kicked in the Head

Spain’s Sergio Ramos was happy to see their World Cup match against Paraguay end. He was happy to see anything after taking a cleat to the head near the end of the game.

But it was worth it for Ramos and the Spaniards as they beat Paraguay 1-0, eliminated them from the tournament and now move on to face Germany. Spain will need to find their offense and likely score more than once if they hope to beat the Germans. Germany has an excellent team. They also have an incredibly nervous coach in Joachim Low that likes to rub his armpits and smell his hands. Also, he is known to pick his nose and then eat the tasty crunchies he finds up in there. That could be very distracting for Spain.

But if they weren’t distracted by Paraguay fan Larissa Riquelme, then a booger-eating coach shouldn’t be a problem for them.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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