2010 World Cup Logo Depicts Man Shooting AK-47…Thanks MTV3

Whoa — someone at MTV3 is really tired of the 2010 World Cup.  Check out this logo they recently used.

World Cup

But maybe this is just a genius idea to get Americans to like soccer more.  Or to like it at all.  Just add guns.  Because American really like their guns.  And make sure they are automatic assault rifles.

If you think about it, it could totally work.  A red card now becomes a ‘dead card’.  You commit that heinous foul and you take a dirt nap.  Penalty kicks?  The goalie gets to hold an AK and fire at the opposing player.  This all sounds pretty exciting but it could get “Messi”.  See what I did there?  “He shoots, he scores!” would have a whole new meaning.

There is some great soccer being played at the World Cup. But I’ll bet you that years from now most people won’t remember who won it. They’ll remember the 2010 World Cup for the super-annoying vuvuzelas and of course, this guy.

World Cup 2

Hat Tip – [iltasanomat]

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