Has Pornstar Bobbi Eden One-Upped Larissa Riquelme?

Last week, prior to their quarter-final battle with European powerhouse Spain, Larissa Riquelme promised to strip naked in celebration if her Paraguayan national soccer team won the World Cup.  A wonderful treat for all, whether you are from Paraguay or not.  However, this promise from Larissa can not even hold a candle to what pornstar Bobbi Eden has offered up should the Netherlands take home the title.

bobbi eden bjs for world cup

Apparently Bobbi will be accompanied by three other women (Miss Hybrid, Vicky Vette and Gabby Quinteros), who together call themselves #teambj.  As for how all of this #teambj stuff started, Vicky Vette provided Deadspin with an explanation:

“I know exactly zero about the World Cup and said that on Twitter one day. People told me to get behind the USA. I figured it would be funny to tell my 25,000-odd fans that I would give them a, err, BJ if the USA pulled off a win at the World Cup. The response was so huge I was shocked. Tons of people said they were getting into the World Cup for the first time wanting to know the score just in case they were entitled to my promised reward.”

“The USA lost but my followers Tweeted me asking that I pick another team. A friend of mine, Miss Hybrid, is English so we picked them to win. Of course, that was a disaster but the Tweets I was getting were hilarious…from people all around the globe. I figured we could not let #teambj end.

“I am friends with Bobbi Eden who is Dutch. Bobbi suggested we continue on with ‘#teambj‘ and support Holland. I told her I would give her a ‘hand’ so to speak. I like Gabby Quinteros as a friend and thought she could have some fun with it too. When Holland ended up beating Brazil, the buzz on the net exploded. Even Brazilian fans are supporting #teambj. I was shocked to see it in Playboy and all around the globe on various sites. I think Bobbi today has been getting something like 1,000 new people an hour.

“People have asked what we are going to do if Holland wins? All I can say is that I have stocked up on my handy wipes and you are going to have to follow to find out! As with all things in adult…we intend to give our followers a very ‘happy ending’.” [Deadspin]

So there you have it!  If Holland wins, it is a “very happy ending” for all.  Although, Larissa Riquelme has since told her fans that she will follow through with her promise even though Paraguay lost to Spain.  I wonder if #teambj will do the same should the Oranje let us down at Sunday’s final in Johannesburg.

Go Netherlands!!!

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