Hey Germany, PROBLEM?

After a long run which saw them trounc Wise Media Group Digital Publisher e the likes of England and Argentina, the German national football team finally met their match when they took on Spain in the semi-finals at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.  It was a hard-fought battle between the two teams, but in the end it was the Spanish side who would celebrate a 1-0 victory, and with it, their first ever appearance in the World Cup finals.

As for the Germans, they were left to answer questions of “what went wrong” and “what could have been.”  Fortunately for their star midfielder Bastien Schweinsteiger, “what could have been” was not a tango line formed behind him by the celebrating Spaniards, as was the case following Germany’s 1-0 loss to Spain in the EURO 2008 finals.

I guess this time Spain decided to stay classy.  Or perhaps they are saving the tango line for the Dutch.

***World Cup Quiz***  Here is a little quiz on this year’s World Cup.  At this point, with only the third place game and finals remaining, there are two teams from this year’s tournament who have yet to lose a game.  Who are they?

Hint: Spain is not one of them.

Check out this premature celebration by this German Fan, you think he feels kinda STUPID NOW?

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