Is Jousting Back? (Video)

Is Jousting Back

I thought the only place you could see jousting these days was at Medieval Times.  I guess I was wrong.  Apparently it is alive and well in the southern United States, and if the New York Times is correct, it may very well become the next big extreme sport.

After taking a look at this clip, I think they may be on to something,  Just watch the first match at 1:23 and you will understand what they are talking about.

Here is how Dashka Slater of The New York Times described the scene at the Gulf Coast International Jousting Championships:

The crowd of about 750 was tipsy and eager for action, and it took in the proceedings restlessly. But then, in the third jousting match of the evening, Shane Adams, who was heavily favored to win the championships, faced Rhos Tolle, a 54-year-old retired Marine who was jousting competitively for the first time. Adams struck Tolle squarely in the chest with his lance and sent him flying from his horse.

It was as if someone had sent an electric current through the arena’s aluminum bleachers. Men leapt to their feet with their fists in the air. Teenage girls clutched one another’s arms. Tolle lay on his back on the ground flanked by two squires and didn’t move for a full minute. When the squires pulled him to his feet, he stumbled and nearly fell again before limping off.

“I want to see another guy get paralyzed,” a boy in front of me squealed, waving a toy sword. [New York Times]

In a country that has taken to the high speed crashes of NASCAR racing and the violence of MMA fighting, it should only be a matter of time before ESPN is covering the weekly tour events of the National Jousting League.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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