Wheelchair Man Invades The Field During CFL Game

Wheelchair Man Invades The Field During CFL GameSeeing fans storm the field at a sporting event is nothing new.  Even within the Canadian Football League, where games have been interrupted before by some rather dramatic antics.  But does it get any more dramatic than a man on a motorized wheelchair zipping across the field?  How the hell did he even get that thing around the railing and past the on-field security?

And is it me, or do we have a serious case of the double-standard at work here.  After all, it seems as though this guy was free to roam as he pleased, and no one even attempted to tackle him and his wheelchair.  Sure, he may be physically disabled, but why should he get away unscathed while people like Jimmy Jump are left to suffer the pain of a devastating stiff-arm after invading the pitch?

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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