Larissa Riquelme Strips in Interviu Magazine To Support Spain

Larissa Riquelme in Interviu Magazine 2

Larissa Riquelme quickly became every man’s dream and inspired a new kind of World Cup fever when she showed the world her beauty, along with some skimpy outfits as she cheered on her beloved Paraguay.

Now Larissa Riquelme has taken it a step further.  She recently lost her clothes in Interviu magazine.  But not for her native Paraguay, she took it all off to cheer on and encourage Spain in their recent World Cup final game.  There you can see Riquelme posing with the flag of Spain covering some of her body. I’m not sure how the Paraguayans will react to this spread, but I know the rest of the world is loving it.

Recall that Larissa Riquelme also said that she would still strip and saunter down the streets of Asuncion even though Paraguay was ousted from the World Cup tournament.  Maybe she should just go for a world tour.  She could have concert dates just like a band.

Hat Tip – [Interviu]

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